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1. Topic: Rounding
2. State
3d. Students will use mental computation and estimation skills and strategies and know when it is appropriate to do so.
3. Grade
4. Title of
Rounding Bingo
5. Author: Lisa M. Caswell
6. Summary: Activity: After a discussion of the purpose and steps to rounding, students play a game of bingo where a number and rounding place are called, and they must round the number appropriately, then find it on their card. Each round of bingo gets faster, so they may refer to the rules less and pick up the intuitive notion of rounding. There will be several winners each session in order to promote the desire to play.

Prior knowledge: Students should have experience with rounding various whole numbers. This activity can be used as an introductory activity, or a review.

Time: 45 minutes
7. Materials: Copies enough for one bingo card per player, bingo chips (paper, pennies, etc. may be used), cut out "Numbers for Rounding Bingo" , use hat or bag for random picking of numbers.
8. Teacher
Classroom Set Up: Prepare materials.

Introduction: Use the "Introduction to Rounding" sheet to springboard a discussion about why we round, what kinds of numbers we round, and to try a few examples together before the game begins. Explain the bingo rules also on this sheet.

Student Action: As the teacher calls a number and the place it is to be rounded to, students will either use scrap paper or mental math to round the number, then find it on their sheet, if they have it. The first round should go slowly, allowing students time to work the problems. Successive rounds will speed up to promote intuitive thinking in rounding.

Teacherís Role: Keep students in mind that may have less experience in rounding, so you may guide them through the first couple of rounds. Remind them to use the rules on the side of their bingo card. Speed up number calling only when you feel the class is ready. Consider awarding prizes for those who call "Bingo!". There will be 3-4 winners per round, as there are only 7 different bingo sheets. This will promote the desire to play.
9. Activity
   Answer Key:
Introduction to Rounding
10. Assessment
Play this game now, then at the end of the unit. Ask students verbally or in writing, to reflect on their improvement as an intuitive rounder.
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